karin vromen moves and works in changing landscapes

invitation purchase /donation

dear friends and friends of friends

aim is to acquire
the long desired stair lift /elevator
to move on in actif life , work and living together,
for others and myself.

the way to purchase work in favor of fundraiser
email ~> karinvromen@karinvromen
– mob no
– pick up yourself
– ⁠address for *delivery
* costs in the Holland are petrol price

+ delivery gasoline price

enthusiasm for donation in favor of fundraiser/ day of birth
email ~> karinvromen@karinvromen

40 paintings from my own stable I deliver
and/or ask small/large donation for my day of birth
50 years I am working in my independent, non profit, cooperative art enterprise
75 years I become june 6th 2024, in 1988 I got this rental property at the 4th floor as a studio

I am the eldest of the stairwell with 11 apartments and 5 floors
a doer and want to continue being one
can still go up and down the stairs
some residents, family members, friends and neighbours cannot
so therefore: ‘1AARDIGHEID’ i.e.: ‘1pleasantry’